Research Support

How we work together

If you are a GW researcher, please Inform us when you would like to approach or have been approached by an industry partner. We'll gladly help you bridge the cultural and linguistic differences in dealing with the private sector.

Feel free to reach out to us whenever you need support or wish to expand your areas of research. We'll make introductions for you to industry partners and craft LOI’s, MOU’s and research agreements.

We will help you:

  • Identify companies where we can build collaborative relationships
  • Identify potential sources of industry funding for your invention or research
  • Create a platform for you and industry leaders to discuss and align your interests

Please reach out to us when:

  • You are ready to approach (or have been approached by) an industry partner(s)
  • You have any new technologies or concepts you have or may be developing
  • You are contemplating refocusing your research efforts
  • When you need support to expand your areas of research