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What's New and What's Next?

To have impact, people must be connected to communities, recognize needs, and turn needs into opportunities.

Productive collaborations connect extraordinary talent in both research and corporations. They leverage the strengths of both organizations and offer mutually beneficial opportunities to experience breakthrough science, technology and applications. Interdisciplinary thinking refines and optimizes real world solutions, moving technology from discovery to implementation. In collaboration with corporate partners, research achieved at the George Washington University can be transformed into commercial applications. Practical, powerful and flexible, they capitalize on real-world opportunities. Their delivery impacts society.

To support your goals, the Office of Industry and Corporate Research will:

·         Make introductions to industry partners

·         Identify companies and build collaborative relationships

·         Identify potential industry sources and achieve funding for your

          research or invention

·         Create a platform for you and industry leaders to discuss and align

          your interests

·         Craft LOI’s, MOU’s and research agreements


·         You are ready to approach (or have been approached by)

           an industry partner(s)

·         You are developing new concepts or technologies

·         You are modifying or refocusing your research efforts

·         You are expanding your areas of research and are looking

          for support

We look forward to speaking with you about the many ways we can work together to successfully tackle tough challenges and create new opportunities.

All inquiries are confidential; the information you provide will only be used to direct you to the best resource available.