For Corporations

The Office of Industry and Corporate Research (OICR) serves as the gateway to GW innovation and expertise, connecting industry and corporations to the wealth of innovative research conducted at GW.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a mutually beneficial relationship between our industry partners and GW.  We understand what a company desires from a relationship with academia. We are not academicians who have studied industry, but are seasoned executives who have begun start-ups, launched major research initiatives, taken companies public and ran multi-million dollar organizations.  Our role is to facilitate seamless collaborations with companies to identify and match a company’s strategic needs with GW’s strengths.

How We Work with Corporations 

In the past four years we have formed collaborations with over 30 companies to support our research initiatives from funding research, jointly teaming on research grants, showcasing equipment, fulfilling equipment sales needs, commercializing technology and supporting our Centers & Institutes. Given our unique position in the heart of the nation’s capital, our strengths in policy related areas can provide support for you to navigate through various government agencies.

We listen to your needs and as a result we have crafted innovative solutions in working together.

Under the umbrella of the Office of Vice President Research, we are a one-stop shop for industry. In addition to our office, we have the Technology Commercialization Office to handle intellectual property concerns and our Office of Entrepreneurship to work with GW researchers to commercialize technology from GW. Collectively, we work with all international requests for research collaborations.

GW Expert Finder

GW’s comprehensive university-wide information repository showcases our faculty and researchers and their research, scholarship and expertise. As they advance human knowledge in ways that open up new lines of intellectual inquiry and have significant positive effects on society, we invite you to search and discover more about our researchers and scholars across all disciplines.

Once you have identified a researcher based on the skillset you need, contact us and we will coordinate an introductory meeting for you.