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The Office for Industry and Corporate Research (OICR), within the Office of the Vice President for Research, seeks, identifies and tracks opportunities to foster strategic collaborations with industry and corporate partners. These mutually beneficial partnerships leverage the strengths of industry and academia towards a common goal, translate discoveries into real world impact and further the strategic missions of both organizations.
Let us connect you to the expertise, technologies and resources that will advance your project and business.

Core Team

Our staff comes from the corporate world with strong domestic and international expertise allowing us to identify what companies desire from potential relationships with academia. We have experience beginning start-ups, launching major research initiatives, taking companies public, and running multi-million dollar organizations.  

University Facilities

By adapting our private sector experience to a higher education setting, we seek and find new and innovative ways to take GW’s research to the next level. Coupled with our unique location in the nation’s capital, GW's state-of-the-art facilities provide opportunities for our work to have impact and potential on the policy front.  

University Affiliates

Let us help you find the right research partner within GW university's departments, schools and units. 

News & Events

Keep an eye out for activities and events. Contact our office today to join the mailing list and see what else we might offer you.